La Novia Maldita - Poster 70x100cm CAMweb copia
 Relese date: febrero 9, 2023
 Director: Francesco Picone
 Production: Metrovideo
 Country: Italy
Languaje: English
 Genre: Terror, Suspense
 Year: 2022
 Runtime: 83 min
Cast: Jennifer Mischiati, Christoph Hülsen, Douglas Dean, Sean James Sutton, David White, Duné Medros, Michael Segal, Francesca Albanese, Manuela Arrighi, Federica Bertolani, Lorenzo Carcasci, Luna Francavilla, Aida Gori.

A young couple, Alyson and Richard, have just moved into a house left to Alyson in her biological father's will. He had given her up for adoption when she was around 9 years old, following her mother's descent into madness and her subsequent inability to cope with raising a child. Alyson and Richard have a new baby, but have some financial and marital problems. When Richard leaves for a work trip, Alyson begins to explore the house and discovers some very dark secrets lurking in her family's past.