Director: Ángel Ayllón
 Production: Take One
 Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
 Genre: Comedy
 Runtime: 85 min
 Year: 2022
Cast: Nelsón Polania, José Manuel Ospina, Fabiola Posada, Karine Amaya, Óscar Rodo, Julio Sánchez Coccaro, Johanna Fadul, Jaime Eduardo Arango, Kenneth Albert Mehrtens

Two Latin migrants, looking for work in a restaurant in San Francisco, CA, nearly died. Javier, the owner of the place is about to commit suicide due to the depression he suffers from the loss of his wife and the imminent bankruptcy of the restaurant. They convince him to partner up and with the help of Celia, a fantastic cook, they will turn the scruffy dining room into the most exquisite place.