kimura pelicula poster
 Director: Aldo Rey Valderrama
 Production: Tiempo Real
 Country: Panamá
Language: Spanish
 Genre: Drama
 Runtime: 90 min.
 Year: 2017
Cast: Jorge Perugorría, Robin Duran, Juan Francisco Selles, Nick Romano, Lucho Gotti,RoChia, Bernardo Kenny, Carlos Alfredo Lopez, Janelle Davidson, Thamara Tejada,Carlos Serrano, Julio Rodriguez Ho, Juan David Guardia, Alexis Zuleta,Marvis O. Pittí, Rake Martinez

Armando Carrera, a former fighter, returns to Panama seeking forgiveness from Alejandro, his brother. Armando discovers that Alejandro works for Manfredo Ferreira, his former promoter. Manfredo wants Armando to participate in the "Kimura", the largest MMA tournament in Central America. Armando promised not to fight again, but complications force him to participate in the tournament, where the brothers will face the forces that separated them.