Director: Fernando Ayllón, Andrés Felipe Orjuela
 Production: Take One Productions
 Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
 Genre: Comedy
 Runtime: 100 min
 Year: 2014
Clasificación: Todos
Cast: Nelson Polanía, José Manuel Ospina, Maru Yamayusa, Aida Morales,Francisco Bolívar, Julián Diaz, Alejandro Gutiérrez, Roger Moreno, Julio del Mar,Amador Padilla, Erika Glasser, Juan Sebastián Quintero, Yuri Suárez,Faber Burgos Sarmiento.

Two taxi driver promise the Virgin Carmen that they will go to Brazil if she performs the miracle of qualifying the Colombian National Team for the 2014 World Cup. When the wish comes true, the friends will have to get the money for the trip and tickets to the stadiums. Although their ruthless boss, lack of money and envy are about to thwart their dreams, their passion for the National Team and some heavenly help will keep hope alive in them.