Director: Fernando Ayllón
 Production: Take one productions
 Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
 Genre: Comedy
 Runtime: 90 min
 Year: 2015
Clasificación: 12 años
Cast: Ricardo Quevedo, Fabiola Posada, Nelsón Polania, Francisco Bolívar, Alejandro Gutierrez, Maria Elena Heredia.

La Gorda Fabiola and Polilla are going through a marital crisis. They agree to take some time off that comes with a job proposal for la Gorda in San Francisco, CA. Instead of work, she is kidnapped by a Chicano gang hired by an Arab sheikh who has a fetish for women with extra pounds. Polilla realizes the infinite love he feels for his wife and will do whatever it takes to get her back. With the help of two Colombians who, like good countrymen, will lend a hand and have a great adventure.