Director: Juan Camilo Pinzón
 Production: Dago García
 Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
 Genre: Comedy
 Runtime: 90 min
 Year: 2014
Clasificación: 12 años
Cast: Helga Díaz, Walter Luengas, Aida Morales, Katherine Porto, Jacques Toukhmanian, Waldo Urrego.

To find out if Colombia is a country of “chupadores” (drinkers) or not, Marcos, a young journalism student, in the company of a friend decides to make a documentary in Barrio La Delicias, south of Bogotá. Thanks to the help of the neighborhood leader, Álvaro Rodríguez, his wife, Pilar, his children Alvarito JR and Marcela, Marcos will be able to record the most important moments of the family and some of the neighbors who accompany Álvaro in history; thus, turning each of these important moments into fun celebrations or parties. Álvaro, his family and his neighbors will then go through some traditional celebrations: Baptism, First Communion, Fifteen Years, Graduation, Company Party, Birthday and even El Matrimonio, where Colombian joy accompanied by a good drink of liquor will allow Marcos to have interesting and entertaining material for his documentary.