Director: Fernando Ayllón, Andrés Felipe Orjuela
 Production: Take One Production
 Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
 Genre: Comedy
 Year: 2019
 Runtime: 95 min
Cast: Ricardo Quevedo, Freddy Beltrán, Iván Marín, Abril Schreiber, Aída Morales, Natalia Durán, Fabián Restrepo, Jéssica Sanjuan

Is the fun story of Ricardo, an amateur comedian who tries to reach the fame by doing stand up comedy in Bogota bar's. He's heart broken because his girlfriend ended their relationship and is now with an older and richer man. With two friends, he decides that he must pretend to be someone of better social class in order to emerge in Colombian society. So Ricardo pretends to be a millionaire in social networks. But the problem begins when he meets and felt in love with Margarita, who believes he is the owner of a radio station.